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More than 240 000

Devices are now working on the bitrange technologies platform.



Different types of sensors and devices.


Provides connectivity

For zigbee, bluetooth® smart, and wifi products.



Connections and data.



Cloud infrastructure.



Apps for android and iphone.


ZBOSS (2.1, 3.2 and 3.3) from DSR is a portable, high-performance Zigbee® software protocol stack that can help you overcome the challenges of interoperability, porting, customizing, testing and optimizing your Zigbee® solution.


ZBOSS 2.1, 3.2 and 3.3 implement the Zigbee® Protocols above the physical layer to provide a full-featured, robust and flexible Zigbee® software stack that interfaces seamlessly with Zigbee® chipsets from Nordic, Qorvo, ON Semiconductors, Texas Instruments and others.

Key Advantages of ZBOSS:

  • Full-featured Zigbee® PRO stack — extensive support for protocols, available as binary
  • Highly optimized — minimal resource usage, robust execution, and high performance
  • Cross-platform — supports multiple IEEE 802.15.4 chips, Operating Systems, Processors, and OS-less platforms
  • Thoroughly tested — certified by Zigbee® ZCP and rigorously tested for interoperability in the field
  • Support you can trust — the backing of DSR's experienced professional services for porting, customization, and fine-tuning
  • Network simulator support — simplifies the development process for Zigbee®-based applications
  • Flexibility — 2.4 GHz and Sub-1 GHz radio support

Complete Customer Support and Maintenance

As part of DSR's comprehensive support and maintenance to get you up and running, DSR also provides: ZBOSS SDK to enable simple, easy development of your Zigbee® Professional services programs to support porting, integration, optimization and testing.

Solutions/ Firmware

  • Zigbee® to USB serial bridge
  • Zigbee® to Ethernet Gateway
  • Zigbee® based security systems

Development Tools:

  • ZBOSS Network Simulator
  • ZBOSS support for Wireshark
  • ZBOSS Sniffer
  • ZBOSS Test harness


  • Hardware independent
  • Cross-platform: use OS layer for minimum effort porting
  • OS-less configuration: ability to run without OS support
  • Fixed memory footprint: does not use dynamic memory allocation, which leads to predictable memory budgeting
  • Optimized memory usage: low RAM capacity on target device — special technique in handling data structures
  • Easy-to-use API: inter-layers API uses primitives similar to the ones defined in the Zigbee® and 802.15 standardsZigbee® core specification, Zigbee® Pro feature set
  • All device roles (ZC, ZR, ZED)
  • ZCL — Zigbee® Cluster Library
  • ZHA — Zigbee® Home Automation profile
  • ZLL — Zigbee® Light Link
  • ZGP — Zigbee® Green Power
  • Zigbee® PRO certified
  • Standard security
  • Zero-memory leak architecture
  • Optimized routing table memory usage


Nordic SoC

  • nRF52840
  • nRF52833
  • nRF52811


  • Qorvo radio transceiver: GP710, GP711, GP712
  • Qorvo SoC GP691, QPG6095

Texas Instruments SoC

  • 2.4Ghz radio: CC2652, CC2538, CC2531, CC2530
  • Multi band (Sub-1 GHz and 2.4Ghz) radio: CC1352
  • Sub-1 GHz radio: CC1312

TI radio transceiver: CC2520

ON Semi SoC

  • NCS36510

Microchip RF transceiver

  • MRF24J40
  • ATSAMR21G18A

Telink SoC

  • TLSR8267
  • TLSR8269

Csem radio transceiver:

  • IcyTRX65


  • UBEC radio transceiver: UZ2400
  • UBEC SoC: UZ2410

MCUs supported


  • ARM MCU core: Cortex M3, Cortex M4, ARM9
  • ARM Cordio 802.15.4


  • Synopsys MCU: ARC EM4/EM6 Core


  • 8051 MCU core

XAP5 core

Want a Complete Description of the Zboss Stack?

Download Full Datasheet
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Lucy Gateway

Lucy is an affordable and highly reliable Zigbee® gateway with a rich ecosystem of sensors, actuators, devices integrated by DSR.


Lucy is an ideal home monitoring gateway that combines highly reliable connectivity with low cost in an easy to install and use solution, making it an excellent choice for the DIY segment.

Sensors/ devices Ecosystem

Temperature and Humidity
Contact sensor
Radiator Thermostat
Presence FOB
PIR/motion sensor
Movement sensor
LED bulb
Water leak sensor
Water valve control device
Smart plug
Shutter/shade control
Smart switch
Smart dimmer
IP Camera


  • Zigbee® PRO and HA1.2 support
  • Information is transferred and stored in cloud via secure communication channel
  • Over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrade
  • Easy to install — takes only a few minutes to set up
  • Self status monitoring and warning notifications
  • iOS and Android apps to control Smart Home devices

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage Supply : 5V/500mA adapter
  • Operation Frequency : 2.4GHz with Zigbee® IEEE 802.15.4 band
  • Operation distance: 75m (line of sight)
  • Antenna : Integrated PCB antenna
  • Switch: 1x Pen hole button, 1x Tact switch
  • Ethernet: 1x RJ45 connector
  • USB: 1x Micro USB connector (supports firmware upgrade)
  • External Flash: 16 Mb (*25P16)
  • Radio: GP711
  • MCU, option 1: STM32F217, RAM: 128 KB, FLASH: 512 KB
  • MCU, option 2: STM32F427, RAM: 256 KB, FLASH: 1024 KB
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Smart Gateway Firmware

Smart Gateway firmware provides an ideal integration for multiple protocols and wireless technologies to the Smart Home application.


The Smart Gateway (SGW) is the next generation of DSR Gateway firmware solutions that delivers the same features as the Lucy Gateway with additional functionality and intelligence for Smart Home applications.

Smart Gateway extra features include:

  • Rules engine onboard — delivers faster application response time and makes all rules independent of the internet connection presence.
  • SGW is a firmware for a multi-protocol gateway. SGW supports several communication protocols, including: Zigbee®, Bluetooth® Smart, WiFi®, Z-Wave (optional), 4G/3G/LTE (optional).

Flexible integration

Connect to DSR IoT Cloud server
Connect to a 3rd party cloud
Connect to local UI application
Direct connection to mobile applications

Technical Specifications

DSR SGW runs on the following Linux-based platforms:

Raspberry Pi (evaluation platform)

  • MCU: ARM1176JZF-S (ARMv6k) 700 MHz
  • RAM: 256/512 MB
  • ROM: SD card
  • OS: Linux
  • Ethernet 10/100
  • Radio: Nordic nRF52840
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Flyfish Gateway

The Flyfish Multi-Protocol Gateway (ODM version) is the core of your smart home system. It is responsible for device network management, business logic, and communication with the Cloud. The Flyfish Gateway runs Smart Gateway middleware.


  • Multi-protocol hub with Wifi, Zigbee 3.0 (Zigbee Alliance certified), Bluetooth — BLE, 3G/4G/LTE
  • Data transfer and storage to cloud via secure communication channel
  • Simplified Wi-Fi commissioning and credentials configuration (Wi-Fi access point, password)
  • Secure, automatic firmware upgrades
  • Over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrade for connected devices
  • Easy Install — takes only minutes
  • Secure Materials Provisioning modes: In Production Time, In Runtime
  • Automatic status monitoring and warning notifications
  • iOS and Android Smart Home device control
  • Direct connection with a mobile application in one LAN

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage Supply : 5V/500mA adapter
  • Operation Frequency : 2.4GHz with Zigbee® IEEE 802.15.4 band
  • Operation distance: 75m (line of sight)
  • Antenna: Integrated PCB antenna
  • Switch: 1x Pen hole button, 1x Tact switch
  • Ports: 10/100 Ethernet, 1x Micro USB connector (supports firmware upgrade)
  • Flash: 64 Mb (*25P16)
  • Radio: GP711
  • MCU: Ralink RT5350 MIPS 24KEc 360 MHz SoC
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Gateway Manager

The Gateway Manager is the communication layer software that delivers superior connectivity and enriches any cloud solution with a ready ecosystem of sensors and devices.


GWM allows third-party IoT cloud platforms to utilize Lucy and SGW ecosystems and accelerate time to market with guaranteed interoperability for the sensors.

GWM is a scalable server-based component with the following features:

  • Easy to use API for system integration
  • Connectivity with the gateway/devices/sensors
  • Commands to/from gateway/devices/sensors
  • Firmware upgrade engine for gateway and for HA 1.2 sensors


Market-proven solution, tested for robustness on thousands of devices.
Dramatically reduces gateway integration time, allowing you to move at the highest speed with your solution.
Secure data exchange channel between gateway manager, gateway and cloud. All the data is safe.
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Accelerate your solution with a full-featured, white-label ready, Internet of Things Home Automation cloud platform from DSR and a robust ecosystem of sensors and devices.


DSR cloud is a complete, full-featured, white-label ready, IoT Home Automation cloud platform that consists of a scalable backend, gateway, ecosystem of sensors, mobile client apps, and API. DSR Cloud, with any or all of its components is designed to get your solution to the market faster with proven quality and reliability.


Scalable cloud backend with efficient and flexible noSQL architecture for quick response time and complex data analysis.
Secure — full HTTPS support with no direct database access. All communication between devices, gateways, cloud and client app goes through an encrypted channel.
Sophisticated Rules Processor — processing of complex rules, including missed events, events that haven't occurred and other special conditions.
Robust Notifications Center — flexible notification setup based on any event or rule. User can create his/her own rules for notification for each device or group of devices.
iOS and Android apps with a robust and intuitive user interface to manage, view, and control device status. The app supports multiple locations, users, and gateways and provides customizable scenes for quick access to commands.
Gateway API — secure data and command transfer between devices, cloud, and client apps. Allows addition of new device types, selection of protocols, transmission of diagnostics information, and OTA firmware updates.
Development API — JSON/XML web API to support full feature development extension and integration with 3rd party systems, such as billing and customer service.
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Cutting-edge Computer Vision Solutions – noema is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DSR Corporation focused on delivering cutting-edge computer vision and artificial intelligence solutions. Our team has the unique skillset required to create decentralized IoT systems, which utilize edge-computing to increase the performance and scale of IoT systems. With our decades of enterprise experience, noema is the ultimate CV development partner.


  • Human Behavior
  • Video Output Modification
  • Object Tracking
  • Manufacturing
  • Data Processing / Visualization

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