May 6th, 2024

Insights from Japan IT Week 2024

Insights from Japan IT Week 2024

Innovative technologies front and center at Japan IT Week!

Japan IT Week 2024 Spring proved to be an exciting showcase for DSR Corporation at Sohwa & Sophia’s booth. The event was filled with high-quality engagement, particularly around emerging technologies like Computer Vision (CV) and Matter. Below are some of our main insights from the show:

The Matter Gateway demo was a highlight, drawing significant attention from visitors keen on understanding its potential to revolutionize the smart home ecosystem. Through engaging demonstrations and insightful discussions, we showcased Matter's capabilities and its seamless integration with existing and future IoT devices. Visitors had all sorts of interest in Matter and how they could use it, like in an On-Vehicle or Smart Home automation system, or multi-protocol communications. Specifically, visitors wanted to know more about an ECHONET Lite – Matter connection, as ECHONET Lite is a leading Japanese home automation protocol.

There was also a steady stream of interest regarding our Computer Vision solutions, reflecting the industry's growing fascination with AI-powered visual recognition and analysis. Attendees were eager to explore how our offerings could enhance their applications and drive innovation in various sectors. Affordability, standardization and security we’re the most important aspect of Computer Vision solutions to many attendees interested in expanding their use of the technology. Representatives from semiconductor companies desire technology environments on their chips that enable a combination of machine learning and deep learning to better support CV and AI in their offerings.

It was valuable to hear from major industry players about how they see innovative technologies impacting their business and what they are looking for in solutions and technology partners. DSR is excited to continue relationships we forged at Japan IoT week.


About The Author

Hiroshi Kamada-san brings more than 30 years of marketing and sales experience in software development services and software products in RTOS, NFC, RDBMS and HA/BA fields in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and countries in South East Asia. He has been engaged in the introduction of DSR products and services for major companies in Asia since 1998. Rich experienced in Sales and marketing in instrumentation filed such as HAVC related devices and systems for HA/BA, FA, CIM applications as well as Web level SW system such as RDBMS, NFC base real-time monitoring platform. Provides not only SW sales and service but also sales/marketing consulting as an assistant to build marketing and sales strategy of customers as a software business expert.

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